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  • Soon to be a family of four ❤
  • The (little) lady of the house ❤ #dressup #kimonostyle #gift #sinterklaaswashere
  • On a sunny Autumn day I captured some beautiful moments with these lovely ladies. Funny fact, they're not only friends and sisters in law but also due on the same day ❤
  • Hard to believe how weather can change so fast 🍂 Looking back at this picture I took of a lovely couple brings me back to that moment two weeks ago. A perfect day for a photoshoot that I enjoyed so much. More to come soon 📸
  • The nice thing about living in Cambridge is that you can easily visit the surrounding villages in the countryside. Such as this pretty town between the hills of Essex 🏘
  • Hidden places like this, can you imagine that this cemetery from 1848 could almost be your backyard? For many people in the centre of Cambridge it is. Nowadays it's a public park where you literarly step back in the time 🌳

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