Exploring dinosaurs and fossils at the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences

This week we visited another beautiful museum in our new hometown: the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences. Super nice to visit with children, because there aren’t only a lot of fun puzzles to solve but you can also find some real dinosaur skeletons and beautiful shells. And which child doesn’t like that ?! My daughter of four certainly loves it.

Entrance of the Sedgwick Museum.
You can find a lot of skeletons of dinosaurs at the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Science.

The Museum was opened in 1904 and has its origins in the early 18th century. Special examples can be found of important figures such as Charles Darwin and Mary Anning.

Adam Sedgwick, a British geologist and priest, one of the founders of modern geology.

Immediately upon arrival you’ll be taken on an impressive journey through the time.
In total you can admire around 1.5 million fossils, rocks and mineral specimens from all over the world, covering more than 500 million years of Earth’s history.

Lara impressed by the huge skeletons.
You can find a lot of children activities in the museum.

The small drawers that children can open are super fun, the museum really invites you to go on discovery together.

Exploring the museum.

After a wonderful afternoon strolling around the museum, you can close in the shop where you can find beautiful books, gems and postcards. Ask here for a map for The Cambridge Geology Trail. A beautiful walk through the historic city centre that introduces you to just a few of the many different rock types, fossils, minerals and geological features that are hidden in the city. –Β Can you find them?

Strolling through years of ages.

Attraction Information

Venue Type

Suitable for ages
Young Children (4-8), Older Children (9-12), Adults

Parking available nearby – souvenir shop – toilets – study room – library

Address & Contact
University Of Cambridge, Downing St, Cambridge CB2 3EQ
For more information about the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences, click here
T: 01223 333456
E:Β sedgwickmuseum@esc.cam.ac.uk

Opening times
Mon till Fri 10am till 1pm and 2pm till 7pmΒ 
Sat 10am till 4pm
Sun closed


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