On expedition in the Polar Museum

In London we couldn’t get enough of visiting museums. I loved wandering through the corridors of the often beautiful historic or ultramodern buildings with my little girl. With an interest to various collections, such as: science, natural history, modern art, fashion and musical instruments. The capital city of England had it all and offered us a few wonderful afternoons in one of the most famous museums of the city.

Main hall Scott Polar Research Institute.

Fortunately, after our move to Cambridge, we can once again enjoy wonderful collections and exhibitions. For example this week when we visited the Polar Museum on the Lensfield Rd near the city centre. The museum is not very big and is housed in a beautiful historic building. The bronze sledge dogs in front of the entrance, got certainly Lara’s interest upon arrival.

Shifts over the year.

The Antarctic collections by the Polar Museum are amongst the richest in the world for the study of polar environments, and the history of science of the Antarctic. They include approximately 3000 objects, and include such items as clothing, sledges, skis, harnesses, navigational instruments, scientific equipment and foodstuffs.

Exploring the museum.
The collection consists a wide range of items.

The museum is designed for enthusiasts, but can also be a great discovery for children about something they have not read or heard much about yet. And of course there are enough elements that they already can relate to, such as animals and costumes.

Dressing up for Polar climates.

The museum has set up a super fun expedition especially for this group, where they are guided through the museum in a playful way. From dressing up to sensory perceptions and finding objects that you need when you’re going to the Antarctic. A nice way to take time with your child and to find out more about life in the polar region.

Looking for things in the museum with questions such as: ‘Find something that is really loud, scary, soft, precious.’

After a successful trip through the beautiful museum, Lara was allowed to show her results and collect her stamps at the front desk. Proud as she was, my little polar bear.

Attraction Information

Venue Type

Suitable for ages
Young Children (4-8), Older Children (9-12), Adults

Parking available nearby – souvenir shop – wheelchair friendly – buggy friendly 

Address & Contact
Lensfield Rd, Cambridge CB2 1ER
For more information about the Polar Museum, click here
T: 01223 336540
E: enquiries@spri.cam.ac.uk

Opening times
Sunday & Monday closed
Tuesday till Saturday 10am till 4pm


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