Legian, the last stop of our Bali experience

Maybe this place wasn’t the most favorite for us afterwards. The main reason that disappointed us were the type of tourists and the type of tourism that was offered. We saw it everywhere, in the shops, restaurants, the music, actually everywhere. I called it “Balinese Chersonisos,” if you don’t agree, sorry for that.Β Still we had a good time together and after all the local food, I could secretly enjoy something else than Nasi and Gado Gado.

Walking through the streets of Legian.
Legian Beach.

We stayed in the Grand La Walon, a great hotel, including breakfast, spa and swimming pool. The beach was again within walking distance and the nearby area offered a variety of eateries where we could have a good lunch or dinner. For example Benih Cafe, a trendy place that hasn’t been around for long, but I would say definitely an asset to the area. We came back here several times.

Grand La Walon Hotel.
Nice view from the balcony.

Another place that you should definitely keep in mind when you’re in Legian is sushi restaurant Kunti II. For not even half of what you normally pay for a platter you get here the freshest and tastiest sushi and sashimi ever.

Sushi in the making.
Mixed Sushi and Sashimi at Kunti II.

The Beach in Legian is clean, not too busy and uncluttered. Renting a surfboard is possible, but be aware where you rent it. There are some shady types that cheat you very bad, Ralf got a broken one without knowing it and he had to pay for it when he walked out of the sea. It all seems paradisiacal, but you certainly have to be alert at these tourist spots.

Catching some colourful waves.

After two days of beach, surf, food and shopping, we longed for some culture and nature again and so we called our taxi friend for a day trip along some sights, including the waterfalls, volcanos and rice fields.

Walkway to the waterfalls.
Local woman selling fruit on the street.

It was our last day in Bali, but definitely a good end to our stay. In the evening, while enjoying delicious cocktails at Benih Cafe, we looked back on our wonderful journey. It was unforgettable and we already felt some homesickness coming up. At the same time, we were looking forward to return back to the UK, where our next adventure would begin: our move from London to Cambridge.

Bye beautiful Bali.

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