Sea, surf and pool sessions in Balangan

Normally our holidays mainly consist of day trips. We don’t prefer spending hours on a bed in the sun. Nevertheless, the resort where we stayed for five days changed something to us, and suddenly we were enjoying ourselves very much while laying next to a swimming pool where our daughter had the time of her life. I’m talking about Flower Bud Bungalow, a small park in Balangan with thatched bungalows and sufficient facilities to get through your day perfectly.

We stayed in the Jempiring Superior Family Bungalow, a wooden house with a private deck at the front, a spacious bedroom downstairs and one upstairs. The luxury open air bathroom was located at the back of the bungalow. Of all the accommodations we stayed in Bali, this resort was one of the nicest. Spacious, quiet and beautifully maintained.Β 

Our bungalow.

In addition for havingΒ a great time at the resort, the Balangan Beach within walking distance is also a popular destination to spend the afternoon. Local surfers and backpackers like to come here to catch a wave. The sea is a bit rough and there is a reef, something you should definitely watch out for as a beginner. But once you’re familiar with the sea and well protected you can definitely enjoy the surf.

On our way to Balangan Beach.

After a good food experience in Canggu, we were a bit disappointed in Balangan, as the food here was really bad. For us the main reason to regularly visit Jimbaran, a town less than 20 minutes drive. A well-known and popular hotspot is the Kedonganan Fish market, which is located directly near the harbour. Recognisable by the beautiful colorful fishing boats in the water and on the beach.

Fishing boats on the beach of Jimbaran.
Straight from the sea.

If you’re not at the market to do your daily groceries, you’ll come here for lunch. – This is how it works: you buy your own fish, take it to the village square where there are several tents with burning bbq’s, you hand over your purchase, take place, order something to drink while your fish is prepared in the best way as you never had it before. Straight from the sea, straight from the plancha.

Preparing our fish.
Lunch at Jimbaran.

In the evening, Jimbaran seems to be fully adapting and getting ready for the tourists. During the day you can buy your fish between the locals and have it prepared on the street. In the evening you also eat fish but more on an ‘extensive luxurious’ terrace on the beach. By far not as good as what we ate in the afternoon. The view is beautiful, but is ruined by many telephones and tourists who are endlessly posing along the coastline. It is clear to us that tourism is also increasing rapidly here.

Dinner at Jimbaran beach.

When you stay in Balangan it’s definitely worthwhile to visit some sights around. For example Uluwatu, where you can walk between beautiful temples and have a great view over the sea while being surrounded by naughty monkeys hunting for slippers and sunglasses. We were told that they try to get these items to return them back in exchange for food. These clever monkeys.

View over the sea from Uluwatu.
Cheeky but cute monkeys.

We ended the last evening with an ultimate local dish: Martabak. Ralf his favorite in Bali, he couldn’t get enough of it. It was my first time, but I must admit that it’s really delicious. You can get it anywhere on the street from 6pm, so be aware of the time if you want to taste this well-known Balinese street food dish.

Ralf and our taxi driver looking ready to order some Martabak.

The days flew by again, but we felt relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful accommodation, the surf and the surroundings of Balangan. The mosquitoes were a bad thing, but that’s something you simply can’t escape from in Bali. – If you want to see my surf dude in action than click below.

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