Canggu is hip, hot and happening

After a great road trip through the beautiful South-East of Australia, we exchanged the camping for hotels and resorts along the beaches of Bali where we would spend the last 2.5 weeks of our travel journey. It felt good to be back in Asia again and we were looking forward to explore more of this tropical Island.

Watching the beautiful sea.

We had planned our first stay in Canggu, a popular destination for young families, backpackers and local surfers. An emerging area, where you’ll find plenty of trendy coffee bars, boutiques and nice restaurants. The beach is rough, the walls decorated and in the water the waves are well caught. Pro or not, everyone in Canggu takes a chance and dives into the sea with a board under their arms.

Lara walking through the streets of Canggu.
Dress H&M, bag Susan Bijl, cap Rip Curl, flipflops Havaiianas.

We stayed at Echoland, a spacious Bed & Breakfast with modern rooms and a private swimming pool. On the roof terrace you can enjoy a morning sunrise yoga and a delicious freshly prepared breakfast.

Echoland B&B.
Poolparty at Echoland B&B.

Canggu is a vibrant place to stay, there is enough to do and the beach is very accessible. If you’re not yet familiar with surfing and don’t have a board or suit, you can rent equipment and use private lessons for a good price. After 1 or 2 times in the sea with an instructor, you can easily continue independently.

You’ll find a lot of street art in Canggu.

The area around Canggu is also definitely worth exploring, the best thing is maybe with the scooter, but a private taxi also works great. Especially with kids it’s advisable, given the crowds on the road. In the local area you’ll find small villages and several temples where you can wander around and learn more about Balinese history and culture.

Pura Taman Ayun Mengwi.

We mainly spent the evenings along the sea, where you can go to one of the many restaurants for fresh fish on the bbq. A big favorite with us was the Echo Beach Club, good value for money and a breathtaking view of the sunset over the sea. While local surfers grab some last waves, lost fishermen are looking for crabs and other shellfish. A beautiful capture to behold and something that we could enjoy very much.

Fresh fish from the bbq and homemade cocktails, a perfect combination.

Canggu is hip, hot and happening. However, sometimes I found it difficult to be confronted with all the Westerners, and I know I’m also one of them. The area is already all about tourism and therefore quickly loses its authenticity. I gave it already a second name: Hipster town. Of course it’s totally understanding, and the Balinese people are really happy with it, but I’m curious what will left remain of Canggu in a couple of years.

Evening view at the beach.

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