Driving the Great Ocean Road

From Melbourne we drove towards the start of the well-known Great Ocean Road. The opinions are mixed about this route, most tourists love it, some locals advise other routes, because these should be even more beautiful. Normally we would be inclined to follow them, but we definitely didn’t wanted to miss the famous lime stone cliffs into the water, which can be see along the route. I’m talking about the world famous 12 Apostles.

On the road.

After a stopover at Bimbi Park, an adventurous campsite in the wilderness, we started our ride on the Great Ocean Road in the early morning. A route that leads along the sea, forests, fields and beautiful mountains. Where you’ll also spot a lot of tropical birds, kangaroos and koalas. An adventurous ride, which we certainly didn’t want to miss in the end.

Along The Great Ocean Road there are several stops where you can continue by foot towards the sea. We finally stopped at three beautiful places: 12 Apostles, London Arch and Grotto.

12 Apostles
The well-known image of a number of giant rocks rising out of the sea is what the 12 Apostles is known about. These massive limestone structures tower 45 meters above the ocean and were formed some 20 million years ago when the sea gradually scoured the soft rocky limestone rocks. Despite the bad weather that day, the sea was still clear blue and the rocks bronze.

The Twelve Apostles.

The London Arch
This rock, in the shape of a bridge, was formed by a gradual process of erosion. Originally it was connected to the mainland. The arch closer to the shoreline collapsed unexpectedly in 1990 and left two tourists on the outermost part until they were rescued by a helicopter. Prior to the collapse, the arch was known as the London Bridge because of its derivative form.

The London Arch.

We made our last stop at the Grotto which gives you a beautiful view over the ocean. You have to climb down a few stairs for it, but once you’re there you experience a really special and quiet spot close to the sea surrounded by high rocky walls.

View from above on the Grotto.
Standing in the Grotto.

Time to continue our ride towards the last stop of our amazing road trip through Australia, next stop: Barossa Valley.

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