A visit to vibrant city Melbourne

After a long drive from Philip Island we arrived in Melbourne. After many good stories and research, we had high expectations of this popular Australian city. We stayed a little outside the center at a BIg4 campsite, which was fully equipped with a public kitchen, playground, swimming pool and even a cinema. You could say that this campsite is a perfect one for when you are traveling with children.

Our stay was only a short drive from the city. For convenience, we ordered an Uber and were dropped off in Fitzroy, an up and coming neighbourhood where you can find the most trendiest cafΓ©s, shops and restaurants. Interspersed with street art and well-dressed locals. It is clear that the creative people are happy to gather here.

Lara watching the windows of the shops and eateries.
You’ll find a lot of street art in Melbourne.

After a short stop at Grub Fitzory for a juice and delicious coffee, we moved to Chinatown. We love the cuisine and it was already two weeks ago since we were in Asia. We looked forward to have some Asian food again, so we decided to have lunch at one of the many eateries.

When looking up in Chinatown.
Dim Sum for lunch.

After an extensive lunch, we decided to explore the city centre furthermore. From narrow streets, to shopping centres, squares and green parks. Melbourne is easy to explore on a day, of course you can’t see everything by far, but you’ll certainly get a good impression.

Exploring the streets of Melbourne.

When you’re in a big city for a day, it’s always nice to visit at least one museum, in Melbourne you can go for example to the well-known Melbourne Museum or the ACMI museumΒ near the Federation Square, designed for digital film, game and media. An interactive museum, suitable for all ages.

View from Federation Square.

A short walk away, on the other side of the bridge that crosses the Yarra River, you’ll find the Royal Botanic Gardens of Melbourne on your left. A beautiful city park where you can take a walk and enjoy beautiful plants and flowers in the middle of the city. A popular place for tourists, but locals also like to visit this quiet place.

Royal Botanic Gardens.
Standing in the middle of Laneway: Centre Place.

At the end of the afternoon the Rooftop Cinema is the place to be. A great place with a mixed crowd, hipsters, businessmen and families, they all love to come here. The atmosphere is relaxed, the music good and the drinks delicious. We enjoyed the last rays of sunshine on the roof before moving to a Japanese restaurant around the corner, where we ordered again loads of delicious dishes from the menu. You just can’t get enough food in this city.

View over Melbourne from the Rooftop Cinema.

We both concluded that Melbourne is an ultimate relaxed city, perhaps a bit the same vibe as in London, but less hectic and touristy, smaller and a lot cleaner. We could definitely live here.

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