Watching penguins at Philip Island

The main reason to visit Philip Island were the penguins. You can spot them here during a tourist live show at the Penguin Parade, but also a little further into the wild. We were tipped off this more ‘secret place’ by a local resident, for whom we were very grateful in the end since we aren’t that fond of touristic attractions.

Walking the trail next to Nobbies Centre leads you along the penguins.

Wild penguins
At the head of the island near Philip Island Nature Park, you’ll find Nobbies Centre where you can take a walk through the dunes where the penguins have built their own nests. The paths are fenced off, so you can’t get very close, which is ultimately the best for the birds. Fortunately we were well prepared to bring our binoculars with us.

Looking for penguins.
Baby penguin waiting for his mommy to come back.

During the day the parents are on the road to find some food, the young ones stay behind in the nest. Sometimes you have to search hard, but when you’re lucky you can get a glimpse of these little cute baby penguins. As soon as a family has built a nest, the nature conservation reserve builds a wooden house around it to protect the birds against foxes and birds of prey.
1320 Ventnor Rd, Summerlands VIC 3922, Australië

She found a penguin.

On the way back to the village, it’s recommended to take the small road along the coast, since many Walibi’s walk around here and you can see them from a very close distance.

Walibi into the wild.

Surf beach
In addition to wild life, you can also go to Philip Island for a good surfing session, halfway along the Philip Island Road you can turn off towards a popular Surf beach where you can find a lot of local surfers from the area. Philip Island Road, 3922

She loves the beach.

Chocolat Factory
Our last stop in Philip Island was the Chocolat Factory, a big favorite with our Chocolate monster Lara. The Chocolate Museum in Philip Island is highly recommended when you’re with children, there are a lot of interactive games to play, you can make you’re own chocolate and eventually eat it all at the end. 

Philip Island Chocola Factory.

Although our visit to Philip Island was not that long, we could still see a lot of this beautiful area. Time to exchange the beaches and natural landscapes for the city, next stop: Melbourne City.

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