Waking up between the donkeys at the Australian farm

Sleeping among all different animals on a farm, weΒ had never done something as cool before. We stayed for a few days at friends on the Australian countryside. They were so hospitable and kind to us and than with all the space and different animals, so wonderful to see. Not only Lara was extremely happy, also mom and dad seemed to be 20 years younger. Running across the meadows, feeding calves and goats, cuddling the donkeys, counting the chickens and making sounds with the sheeps. Everything was possible and nothing else seemed to matter.

Goats at the farm.
Sweet calf.

It was just us with the farm life around us in the middle of nowhere. At night, when it was pitch dark, and the bats flew over we watched the stars at the bright sky before we got in back in our camper van. Parked in the yard, where the animals roamed freely. Till the early morning around 5am, when we got awake by the screaming parrots up in the trees. Something normal which happens every day.

Sleeping between the donkeys.

Most of the time we had spent on top of the hill, quite remote from the outside world. But not entirely, as the area is also known for its wines, less discovered, but definitely worth exploring. We were only half an hour away from the vineyards and as true wine lovers we had definitely to plan some tastings.

Dom and Ralf.
At the winery.

Three days we enjoyed the peace, nature, the animals and in the evening the extensive bbq’s with delicious wine. Our stay on the farm at the Australian country side, a great experience that we will never forget.

Up on the hills, surrounded by the trees.

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