Peckham Levels, a parking space for creativity and community practice

We live in Chiswick in West London, a very child friendly district, with many parks, playgrounds, schools, restaurants and all the shops you need. Really nice to live, I have to confess. But maybe not very bustling everyday. Therefor we love to visit the more ’emerging’ places in the weekends, because of the program which is often varied and innovative. Districts where the latest concepts are planted and a test stage is created. A breeding spot where young artists and entrepreneurs get space to create programmes to vacancy. Something we like to relate to and feel strongly connected with.

Lara surrounded by the many murals which you see everywhere around the building.

Earlier I wrote about these kind of districts, like: Brixton, Hackney, Tooting and Dalston. Often in line with development and program, from rugged to trendy neighborhood. One of our favorite districts to go still might be Peckham. A lively neighborhood in South East London where the call shops, hairdressers and international grocers still dominate. But at the same time trendy coffee shops, breweries and creative buildings appear more often in the street scene.

Main hall of level 5 and 6.
Playful interior.

After a short tour through the neighborhood where we like to visit some hotspots, such as: Brick Brewery, Peckham Springs, Bussey Building and The Four Quarters, we usually end up at our favorite place: Peckham Levels. A project in collaboration with Southwark Council and Make Shift, the organization that designed and managed Pop Brixton. Peckham Levels is located in a former garage in the center of the district next to the Peckhamplex Multi Screen Cinema. Meanwhile the building represents a large network between local independent entrepreneurs, artists and designers.

Level 5 and 6 offers also space for presentations and performances.

One of the most important elements of the collective building is to provide cheap space for startups that hopefully will become successful companies in the future. In addition, the building also functions as a location in the district to present local art and design and you can use various facilities such as a 3D printer, ceramics studio, meeting rooms and music rehearsal rooms.

Main hall at level 5 and 6.

When you visit Peckham Levels, you can start at the ground floor for a fun indoor golf play at Plonk Crazy Golf or move directly towards levels 5 and 6 which are freely accessible to the public. This part of the building is mainly dedicated to food and drink and offers space for various events.

Seat area where you can eat and drink.
Streetfood at Peckham Levels.

What’s so special about the interior is the shape of the parking garage, which is still clearly recognizable. The bends where cars used to drive have turned into walkpaths, the difference in level turned into stands and the parking spaces have made room for offices, studios and catering facilities.

Cozy seat area next to the bar, when you sit next to the window you can have a great view over the skyline of East London.
Next to a wide range of beers and wine you can also drink cocktails at Peckham Levels.

We love to hang out in one of the seat areas and order all the nice food which Peckham Levels has to offer. The kitchens may change sometimes, which is nice for the variation. A children’s play corner has also been set up on the same floor. A nice place with sit elements where parents can relax with a drink in their hand while the children are having fun on the softly clad mini-ramp.

Play zone for children.

During the Spring/Summer period you can also visit the huge roof terrace which offers a great view over the skyline of East London. A popular spot where you can enjoy a sunny day at one of the many picnic tables while Franks Café serves delicious snacks and drinks. In addition, this outdoor space also serves as an event location for film screenings, live performances and exhibitions. (Read more about it here).

Standing in the hall on the other side of the floor where you’ll find yoga studio Level Six, hair salon Cahoona’s Hair Hub and music stage Ghost Notes.

Peckham Levels may not be super innovative, the concept is known world wide, but it’s definitely a real asset in the neighborhood. The low-threshold atmosphere is still present and that makes it accessible to a wider audience. You strongly feel that the concept revolves around the community and that a lot of strength is being gained from local capacities. While walking through the building you still feel the rawness of Peckham, but shaped from a designer’s eye. An attractive place that moves, where forces are bundled and vacancy gets a new interpretation. A popular hotspot in Peckham where not only locals but also people from outside like to come. Something an initiative like this hopes to achieve as well.

For more information about the events, workshops and the established companies, I would like to refer you to their website.


Venue Type
Indoor (whole year) & Outdoor (Spring/Summer)

Suitable for ages
Children (under guidance of a parent/carer), Adults

Offices – studios – live performances – food and drink – yoga – mini golf – 3D printer – play zone – exhibitions – suitable for wheel chairs – suitable for buggies – toilets – lift

Address & Contact
F1-F6 Peckham Town Centre Carpark, London 
For more information about Peckham Levels, click here

Opening times
Mon – Wed: 10am till 11pm
Thur – Sat: 10am till 1pm
Sun: 10am – 11pm

Admission to Peckham Levels is free.  

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