A Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park London

Even though Christmas is over, we still like to be surrounded by lights, treats and conviviality during this half term. London is the designated city to experience this ultimate magical feeling, not only through the beautiful illuminated streets, but also the cozy markets that you will encounter everywhere in the city. Like the famous Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London’s biggest Winter event that attracts thousands of people every year. Last week we brought a visit as well and tried it out.

Hand in hand towards the entrance.
Impressed by all the attractions.

On our way towards the entrance we could already see the attractions rising high above the trees of Hyde Park. During these darker and grey days the twilight is falling quickly. The colorful lights were shining brightly in the sky. Passers turned back home with candy bags and cuddly toys. Couples walk hand in hand while groups of tourists are taking pictures. All with their eyes focused on the spectacle that takes place in the middle of the park.

Exploring the terrain.

Upon arrival it soon becomes clear that this is an absolute crowd puller, people of all ages come and go. When we approach the crush barriers at Gate 9, I suddenly got the feeling we were going to a big festival. Not knowing yet that this event is almost equal to that. – Next to a German illuminated Christmas market, there are two Christmas circuses, a big fairground and even UK’s biggest outdoor ice skating rink.

At Winter Wonderland you can find a vintage funfair and a new one.
Lara attracted by all the lights, sounds and colors.

After exploring the terrain for about an hour, we found out that we haven’t even seen the half of it. Gradually the sky turned darker, the evening fall and the lights shone even more. While it’s getting bussier the rows turned longer. Fortunately, the children’s attractions are quieter at the end of the day so our little girl could choose whatever she wanted to go into.

Beer garden with live music.
Play and win.

With a final game, catching Santa Clauses for a cheap toy, we decided to close our visit. Granted, it became a little too busy for us, the mornings and afternoons are better when visiting with children. Something to keep in mind when you want to plan your visit in advance. 

On our way to the exit.

This half term lasts another week and so does Winter Wonderland. Definitely worthwhile to pay a visit at. For more details about this London event, I would like to refer you to the website


Venue Type

Suitable for ages
Children (all ages) and adults

Market – funfair – ice rink – live music – food and drink cafes – suitable for wheel chairs – suitable for buggies – atm – toilets

Address & Contact
Hyde Park, London 
For more information about Winter Wonderland, click here

Opening times
22th November 2018 till 6th of January 2019
Every day from 10am till 10pm

Admission to Winter Wonderland is free. Access to the skating rink and shows isn’t free, prices can be found on this page. 

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