Fun at the Acton Green Common Playground

When I ask my daughter where she wants to go, she usually prefers the playground. A big favorite in our neighborhood is the one at Acton Green Common. A spacious and save playground, with modern appliances suitable for all ages.

Playground at Acton Green Common.
Lara calls this course, the ‘monkey climb’.

There is also a big sand pit which most of the children loves a lot. If you prefer to play with a ball you can use the big grass field on the side where you can also sit down for a lovely picnic. Every family in the area loves to visit this place when the weather lends itself to it.

She loves to play with sand.
Most of the time she plays that she is running a restaurant and cooks for all children.

Usually we prefer to visit this playground in the morning, because it’s a bit less crowded. In the afternoons when the schools are out, it’s often strewn with older children. Not necessary a problem, most of the kids do play nice with each other, but it can maybe still be a bit to crowded for the younger children.

Hand in hand with daddy.
Swing in the sun.

Nevertheless, it’s a great playground, well decorated and organized, very safe with a fence around the area and there are always enough parents where you can have a nice chat with.

Attraction Information

Venue Type

Suitable for ages
All ages

Playground – picnics allowed – sport facilities (football, rugby)

Address & Contact
W4 5EA, Chiswick, London, England
For more information about Ravenscourt Park, click here

Opening Times
During the year day and night access to the park

Free to the public

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