Hampstead Heath brings the countryside to the city

London has many green public spaces where you can escape the bustle of the city at any given moment. One of the biggest and most beloved is perhaps Hampstead Heath in the north of the city. A registered charity managed and funded by the City of London, and only six kilometers away from Trafalgar Square.

The park has many ponds.

The park offers a beautiful landscape, and is accessible to millions of people who daily use the extensive sports and leisure facilities that the park has to offer. For example, there is a zoo, an athletics track, an educational center, playgrounds, swimming ponds, the Hill Garden and plenty of green space, including vast grasslands and ancient forests.

Autumn colors.

Because the park is very large, we decided to explore only a part of it, and certainly with a child it still would take a few hours. But it was a wonderful day without further obligations. The sun was shining, the air was fresh, it matched perfectly with autumn, which shone beautifully through all the greenery.

Above the hills of Hampstead Heath Park you can have a beautiful view over the city.
A moment of relaxation.

Except that Hampstead Heath is rich in beautiful nature and recreation facilities it also offers the best views of London. At the top of the hills, it’s slightly busier, but the atmosphere is relaxed and peaceful. It is a wonderful place to settle down with a picnic blanket and enjoy the surrounding area with the recognizable contours of the city’s buildings in the background.

Lara walking through the fields of high grass.

With a lack of open space in the surrounding densely populated city districts, Hampstead Heath plays a crucial role in providing sports opportunities and promoting good health. Therefor the park offers excellent facilities for organized sports such as cricket, bowling, rugby, tennis and football. There are also specially designed paths for cyclists and horse riders.

Following the walking paths.

Striking are also the many ponds in the park. A few are intended for fishing, but there are also a couple where you can take a dive into during the year. Swimming in the open air is internationally famous at Hampstead Heath. Unfortunately, the baths are not accessible for children younger than 8 years and everyone under 16 must be accompanied by an accompanying adult. Unfortunately, it means that families with young children can’t use the swimming ponds. But if you are old enough and have taken the swimming test positive, then these pools offer a quiet and peaceful swimming environment, as you normally aren’t used to in the city.

Swimming pond.

Hampstead Heath is a beautifully decorated and manicured area, and quite unique with the close distance to the city center. A perfect place to relax and to experience an environment that is very similar to the countryside. It’s therefore very valuable that this green space is optimally protected for recreation and health so that future generations can also enjoy it. To achieve this, the park can make good use of any support in the form of donations. More information about this Registered Charity can be found here.

Beautiful sunlight through the high trees.
Walking through the forest.

After a lovely afternoon of walking and playing in the green, nothing is better then settle down somewhere for a drink and delicious food. Fortunately, the surrounding streets offer a variety of unique shops, cozy eateries and fancy coffee bars to close the day perfectly with.

For more information about Hampstead Heath Park see information below.

Attraction Information

Venue Type

Suitable for ages
All ages

Parking space – cafe – toilets available – playground – gardens – picnics allowed – sport facilitiesΒ 

Address & Contact
Hampstead, London, England
For more information about Hampstead Heath Park, click here

Opening Times
During the year daylight access to the park

Free to the public

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