Famous Grouse

On Friday we cook something special or we go out for a dinner at a restaurant. Last Friday I chose for prepping a meal for Ralf and Lara. I wanted to make something traditional and asked the locals. Almost everyone said: ‘Grouse’. Grouse is a rich tasty course meat, with a strong smell that owes his flavors to the heather where the birds graze on. Grouse meat is the darkest of all the game birds, a deep red which helps give dishes a somewhat autumnal esthetic.

Every year on the 12th of August (The Glorious Twelfth) is a sign of the start of the hunting season on this famous bird. The season of this British and Scottish wildlife runs from mid August till December.

Because I never prepared a meal with this British poultry, I researched on the internet for some cooking tips and tricks. In the end I chose for a traditional recipe: Roast Grouse with juniper and thyme, served with creamy bread sauce, potatoes from the oven and some string beans on the side.

I wrote down the whole recipe here

Grouse stuffed with some basil, thyme and ground juniper berries. On top some bacon. Time to go into the roasting tray.
Some ingredients.

Dinner time! Grouse goes very well with a red Bordeaux, we had a Claret 2010.

Bon appétit!

After dinner, we often do not throw away the remains. but use them to extract broth. This time we made broth of the remains of the grouse. Ideal to use for other meals, like risotto, soup or some sauces.

Our homemade broth of the remains from the Grouse. Made with our electronic pressure cooker.

For this we use our Fast Slow Pro. An electronic pressure cooker that adjusts time, temperature and pressure between fast and slow cooking modes to coax maximum flavor and texture. It’s a fantastic device in the kitchen. I will write something more about it soon.

Here you can find the link to the recipe again.







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