Deen City Farm

In Holland we went often to the City Farms. In Rotterdam we lived near by two fantastic City Farms, one called ‘De Kraal‘ in the Kralingse Bos and the other one calls ‘De blijde wei’ next to the Bergse Linker Rottekade. Now that we have moved to London we had to figure out where we could find similar farms round London. And actually I was a bit disappointed when I found out that there were a couple, but not that much. And really a bit outside the city.

But in the end we found one, called ‘Deen City Farm‘ and I red good reviews, which I think is also important before you decide to go somewhere far with a two year old child. We took the underground, District Line to Wimbledon and changed for the tram direction Phipps Bridge, Merton. From there we had to walk for 10 minutes.

The area we had to walk through felt not very pleasant. Certainly not with a child. Lapsed, poorly maintained, abandoned and a lot of garbage on the street.

Phipps Bridge, Merton.
Phipps Bridge, Merton.

The City Farm is a bit remote, but in the end you will find a bridge on the left hand with behind a hidden piece of land that looks beautiful and child friendly.

Lara standing on the bridge.
Entrance of Deen City Farm.
Gardening at Deen City Farm.

When we entered the area I saw immediately a lot of flowers and plants. In addition to taking care of the animals, they also do a lot of gardening. Lara found her way and ran up to the chicken huts, which you immediately see when you exit the path.

Chicken huts.

Deen City Farm is an urban farm with an educational focus. They teach the local community about the rural environment and show them where their food comes from. The farm is mainly run by volunteers. You will also find a riding school where people of all ages can learn horse riding.

The Farm is a registered charity, and relies upon donations from visitors and local community’s to help them carry out their work. Deen City Farm organises also a lot of activities and events and support educational activities by visiting schools.

Lara on discovery.
Watching the rabbits.

Lara easily found her way on the farm, it’s an open space with safety paths. As a visitor you may also give the animals some food. For 50 pence you got a small bag with some chunks in it. Lara could not resist and wanted to feed the animals immediately.

Getting some chunks for the animals.

All the animals have a lot of space on the farm. The volunteers and visitors are taking good care of the animals.

There is also a children’s playground at the farm, next to a picnic area and a canteen. Lara had a really nice time at the farm, we will definitely come back another time.

Picknick area.

If you want to plan a visit to the Deen City Farm, see their website for more information.








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