First stop at Chambre d’Hôtes, Domaine de Givré.

Three weeks ago our ‘summer holiday‘ started. Something we really had looked forward to. Inspired by our road trip through Italy last year, which we really loved, we decided to organize a similar holiday this year, but in another country: Spain.

We had already prepared our trip months ago, something we think is simply better when you travel with a toddler. We still like to be surprised by the environment, but during the ride it’s nice to drive to your destination and to know where you go. And you also want to prevent that everything is already fully booked. Moreover, it also saves a lot of money when you book your stay well in advance.

On the way to the channel tunnel.

And so we left on a Saturday morning at 4:30am towards Folkestone, where we had booked the car train at 6 to Calais. You probably may think that it’s very early, but all this had to do with the Bank Holiday in England. The other trains were already fully booked that morning. Anyway on your fisrt day of holiday it doesn’t matter to leave that early.

Domaine de Givré.

From door to door our first stop in Spain would be very far, so we decided to make a first stop at Domaine de Givré, a Chambres d’Hôtes in Chinon in the Loire region in France. An area that is known for its beautiful landscapes and of course its wines. After a delicious plat du jour in a neighboring village, we moved forward to our stay. Immediately on arrival we got that ultimate French holiday feeling: driveway, a round brick gate, trees, a spacious yard with trees and surrounded barns which have been converted into residences.

Our residence for the night.

After a friendly welcome by the hosts, we were escorted to our accommodation: a fully furnished apartment on the ground floor adjacent to the yard and with a great view over the country fields behind the house.


That evening we decided to visited the nearest village, Chinon, a cozy historic village with a wide range of restaurants, wine bars and boutiques. And only a 10 minutes drive from Domaine de Givré.

River Vienne.
Lara standing in the streets of Chinon.

After an unexpected downpour, we decided to explore the village before we would have a drink at La Cabane à Vin. A nice wine bar where you can order beautiful wines by the glass and also enjoy good quality local products on a platter.

Houses of Chinon.
Wall flowers.

The next morning we were kindly received at the breakfast table, which takes place in the house of the owners self. And I have to confess their house is also very beautiful. While we were enjoying a large breakfast with other guests, I realized that we could have stayed here longer, just because it’s such a nice place. But our trip had to be continued.

Breakfast at Domaine de Givré.

If you’re in the neighborhood of Chinon and looking for a nice place to stay the night or a couple of days, we could definitely recommend this lovely Chambre d’Hôtes. For more information and bookings, please take a look at the website of Domaine de Givré.






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