Hanwell Zoo, a small animal park in West London

Secretly I like to discover places in London where we haven’t been before. Alone, together with friends or with family. Fortunately in London there is always something to do. And when I’m asking Lara where she wants to go she often says museum, a playground or something with animals. Which child doesnt? Luckily Londen knows a lot of city farms and zoos which we still have to visit. For example this week, on my mommy-daughter day, I had planned a day trip to the Hanwell Zoo, a small animal park in West London.

Lara walking through Brent Lodge Park.

This zoo (formerly known as Brent Lodge Park Animal Center) is a popular attraction at Brent Lodge Park in Hanwell, London. The park itself, known as the “Bunny Park“, has existed since 1975 and is home to a wide range of animals, including mammals, birds and reptiles.

Entrance of Hanwell Zoo.

After a short walk through a beautiful wide green park, we reached the entrance of the Zoo. Children up to 3 years are free, after that a ticket costs only £1, adults pay £2.50. That’s a very friendly price for what you get back. The park may not be very big, but it is a nice place for children to wander around, discover different animals and where they can meet other children.

In the park you will find several murals of different animals.
As a visitor you can watch when the animals are getting their food.

Currently, the Zoo is renovating which resulted in a couple of empty lofts and some which were under construction. Nonetheless, Lara still enjoyed all the other animals, such as alpacas, flamingos, ring-tailed lemurs and meerkats. The playground offers a spacious fort with sandbox and interactive devices where children can experience endless fun.

Residence of flamingos.
Watching the ring tailed lemur.

Given the size of the park, you have walked the area quickly, but feel free to make a second round through the park, it’s a lovely place to relax and watching your kid having fun.

You will also find a lot of trees and different plants in this Zoo.

Afterwards we obviously took a look in the shop, where Lara almost liked everything, as usual. But an ice cream is what I promised her. In the adjacent ice cream shop, close to another large playground at the front of the Zoo, I treat her to a scoop of strawberry ice cream, her favorite.

Lara enjoying her favorite food: ice cream.
Having a lot of fun.

Hanwell Zoo is a beautifully set up animal park, not very big, but definitely suitable for an afternoon of fun when you live in the neighborhood. If you plan this activity on a radiant Spring or Summer day, take a ball and picnic basket with you. The nearby park is a perfect place to continue your afternoon.

For more information about this zoo in West London, accessibility and opening hours you can take a look at their website.







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