Climbing and sliding at Snakes & Ladders

If you want to do something fun with children on a rainy day, the indoor playgrounds are of course a great success. London has a lot of those play areas, which Snakes & Ladders is a well-known. Children love it: running around, making noise, climbing, scrambling and sliding. Parents can, when their child is a bit older, sit at one of the tables or play with the kids when they feel like it.

Walkway to Snakes & Ladders.

Snakes & Ladders has several branches in England, including Brentford in London. About twenty minutes by bus from Chiswick. From the stop on the Brent Lea, it’s a short walk directionΒ Syon Park where you eventually find a non-showy building, type: shed. But once inside you find a huge space with lots of colorful indoor play activities.

Building of Snakes & Ladders.

Snakes and Ladders is fun for children of all ages and is much more than just a soft indoor playground. There is so much to do. In addition to the climbing and sliding field, there’s a space that’s been recreated as a city with shops, a general practice and post office. On the other side of the hall you will find a race track where kids can drive on electric bikes. For the little ones up to 5 years a special zone has been set up where they can participate in pre-school sessions.

Play areas.
Ball pit.

Fortunately, we were outside peak times (holiday and after school). Which meaned that we had practically the entire playing field for ourselves.

Small city.

Because I decided to play with Lara, we first stored all our belongings in one of the lockers. As a parent you don’t necessarily have to participate, but first of all I like to join her with the play and secondly Lara is only 3 years, which means that she will be probably one of the youngest in the four-floor playing field. A bit of supervision is therefore safe. Fortunately, not much can go wrong, everything is well sealed and equipped with soft material. Keep in mind: condition is a requirement.

Climbing to the third floor.

Because of all that running and climbing you get thirsty, luckily you can visit the cafe for a snack and a drink. I can imagine for sure that places like this are very popular for organizing children’s parties. You got everything in hand here.

Big hall with on the left hand the soft play area and on the right the cafΓ© and race track.

With good weather you can also play outside with the children. A spacious playground with also a paddling pool and air cushion makes Snakes and Ladders a perfect place to spend a fun afternoon with your children during the year. We will certainly return here more often.


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