A walk through Kensington Gardens

Together with Lara I regularly visit parks to enjoy the peace and quiet that the park has to offer. Certainly now that autumn has arrived, those places will turn into a beautiful color palette. I’m a really big fan of this season.

This time we went to Kensington Gardens, a short ten minute walk from our serviced accommodation in South Kensington. We just had to follow a long way road which ended up on the Kensington High Road. There you can find different entries of Kensington Gardens.

On the background you see the Royal Palace.

The park is one of Londons eight Royal Parks and borders with Hyde Park. Centuries ago these two parks formed one, nowadays they are parted.

On the Eastside of the park you will find the Kensington Palace. Princess Diana lived here till her dead, nowadays they opened it for public visiting. Behind the Palace you will find an Oranjerie.

The Round Pond. Everyday you will find here a lot of pigeons, swans and ducks.
Classic bench. Most of the time you will see people having lunch or reading a book on it.

In 1689 the Park was bought by Willem III. The reason why is the fact that he was asmetic, the outdoor in the park would have a healing effect. Later he gave the assignment to the Architect Sir Christopher Wren to build the Royal Palace.

Autumn colors.
Lara on discovery.

The park has different areas across 100 hectares. The area is covered with grasslands, major trees, flowerbeds, monuments and hiking trails.

In the park you see a lot of locals walking with their dog or doing sport activities.
Horse and rider sculpture, called Physical Energy in Kensington.
The blocked poncho, brown shoulderbag and white ribbed trouser are from Zara. The boots are from Ugg.

On the Southside of the park you will find the Albert Memorial. A monument commissioned by Queen Victoria to establish in memory of her husband, Albert, who died in 1861.

The Albert Memorial Monument.
Time for a quick coffee and croissant at the Albert Memorial Kiosk.
Historical gates on the end of the S Carriage Dr.

Kensington Gardens is open from 6am, the closing time is different, check the closing times for the year.  If you want to know more about this beautiful park, than visit the website of the Royal Parks Kensington Gardens.









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