Battersea Park, a small city zoo with lots of play areas

Meanwhile we live in London for almost four months and we’ve already discovered many nice places for young and old. It almost seems like a pattern to visit weekly new attractions that my daughter Lara really enjoys. I also often give her the space to indicate what she wants to do. This time she wanted to visit the animals again.

Entrance of the park.

Previously we visited the educational petting zoo Deen City Farm near Wimbledon, the Richmond Deer Park where herds of deer roam and the largest zoo in London, London Zoo near Primrose Hill. I say the biggest, because London has several zoos, including Sea Life London Aquarium, Brent Lodge Park Animal Center, but also Battersea Park Children’s Zoo, which we paid a visit to. After a long journey with metro and bus we had to walk a bit next to the river Thames to reach the park. The zoo is located in the middle of Battersea Park and can only be reached by foot.

Lara is exploring the park with the map.
Chickens at Battersea Park.

This smaller zoo is strongly committed to nature conservation and offers many educational programs to schools and other institutions. In collaboration with sister parks such as the New Forest Wildlife Park in Hampshire and the Chestnut Center in Derbyshire, they contribute to many nature conservation programs. In Battersea Park Children’s Zoo there are two types of programs that are part of the European Endangered Species Program (EEP). This is an organization that deals with protecting the plants and animals which are potentially at risk at our planet. Such as the black-capped squirrel monkey and the Emperor tamarin monkey, which you can find in Battersea Park.

Residence of the monkeys.
Ring-tailed Coati.

Batter Sea Park is a smaller zoo compared to London Zoo. But there is still plenty to discover in this zoo. This park reminds me a bit of Plaswijckpark in Rotterdam which we sometimes visited when we still lived in the Netherland. A combination between a zoo, city farm and playground.

Watching the Slender-tailed Meerkat.
The Emu.

After finishing a visit to all the animals it was time to play. The large sandbox had already been discovered remotely and mom did not come out of it. Nevertheless, it’s a very nice sandbox with playground equipment where children can play with sand and water.


While Lara made sandcastles, I explored the surrounding barns that seemed to be arranged for schools. Battersea Park also offers educational programs where pupils can gain one-on-one Keeper experiences. Accompanied by one of the expert keepers, children discover everything they ever wanted to know about the animals and the zoo. They can feed, clean and take care of some animals, and learn more about their habits, such as what they like to eat and their favorite toy. Children also have access behind the scenes and they see parts of the zoo that others do not see. As a full member of the team, they meet the animals up close and discover more about their lives.

Surrounding barns.
Spaces for workshops.

After spending a long time in the sandbox it was time to move on to the adjacent playgrounds. Battersea Park has several ones, for all ages there is something to do. One of Lara’s favorite play equipment was the fire truck, a real one. And of course mom had to play along too. So there we sat. Both with helmet on our head in the front cabin of the fire truck, driving on the roads of Battersea Park. Children and their rich imagination. Love it.

Playing for firefighter.
There are play areas for all ages.

Even though Battersea is not as big as London Zoo, the park has still a lot to offer. The many play areas with adjoining picnic areas makes it also perfect to spend an afternoon with friends and family. We will certainly come back again during spring/summertime.

Lara the sweet little dog.
All the playgrounds at Battersea Park has picknick areas.

If you want to know more about this fun zoo in London, take a look at the website of Battersea Park.




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